Homeopathy was developed by Samuel Hahnemann, physician and chemist, who in the second half of the 18th century, discovered the important natural law that a substance that can induce certain phenomena is also able to eliminate the same phenomena. This has become the basic principle of homeopathy. In homeopathy, a disease is given with a means that arouses just that complaint in a healthy person. This is called "to heal the like with the like." The product is also diluted and shaken repeatedly until eventually a potency is reached that matches the patient's complaint pattern in terms of energetic vibration. Homeopathy assumes that life consists of energy and that illness is a disturbance in someone's energy field. By administering the correct agent (vegetable, animal or mineral), this agent resonates, as it were, with the nature of the disturbance. This gives it an entrance into the person's energy field and allows it to get to the core of the disturbance and restore the balance. An example: the parsley plant causes frequent urination when ingested. If a person has a complaint that he often has an urge and has to urinate frequently, parsley in the correct dilution can provide relief from the complaints. There are currently about 5000 remedies in homeopathy.

Mild and effective

It is a gentle and effective way to treat clients for a variety of diseases and complaints. In particular children often respond very well to homeopathy. It is a mild and effective way of treating people for all kinds of diseases and complaints. Children in particular often respond well to homeopathy. After an extensive intake, a first remedy is chosen, usually in the form of small granules that must be melted under the tongue. During a follow-up consultation it will be discussed whether a change in the complaints pattern has occurred. Homeopathy sees the energy field of a person as built up in energy layers, where each layer can show a different pattern of complaints. Sometimes, layer by layer, means different remedies must be taken to eventually get to the core of the disruption. Schüssler's salts are homeopathic remedies that provide better absorption and utilization of nutrients. Homeopathic remedies and pharmaceutical medicine can be used safely together.