clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (cPNI)

cPNI is a constantly growing science which deals with the complex relationships within the body between health and disease and integrates this knowledge for treatment programs. This method examines the interaction between the psyche, the nervous system, hormonal system and the immune system. This also includes looking at the interaction between humans and their environment. Disruption of the balance between one or more of these areas is detrimental to your health and can result in disease.

Reduced performance

cPNI is used in orthomolecular medicine. It involves looking at eating habits, exercise, social factors, lifestyle and environmental factors. cPNI looks for the cause of any diminished performance of the body. By reducing or eliminating the causes, the self-healing ability of the body operates at a more optimal and healthy level. It often recommends adjusting food, lifestyle and physical activity and the use of botanical medicine.

Biochemical and neural processes

Organs and organ systems communicate with each other through biochemical and neural interaction. cPNI as a science is about that. A disturbance in one organ system can cause symptoms in other organ systems. Prolonged stress or traumatic experiences early in life can also seriously disrupt the immune system. That plays an important role in the development of a variety of (chronic) complaints.