The human body is best served by a natural balance. This balance depends, to a large extent, on a supportive and constant internal environment, consisting of the right temperature, right fluid balance, right oxygen level and right acidity degree. If this balance is disrupted, it is restored by the self-healing ability of the body. If your own body is no longer able to reverse an imbalance then you are at risk of developing ailments. Using naturopathic therapies can restore balance and the self-healing capacity.
Disruption of the self-healing ability of the body can also develop from malnutrition, fatigue, mental trauma, lack of exercise, medical treatment, your genetic predisposition, working with toxins, injury, smoking and use of alcohol, the side effects of prescription drugs or infection caused by a bacterium, virus or fungus.

To restore the self-healing capacity and to optimize your health, NHC offers cleansing and restorative herbal remedies, homeopathy, orthomolecular medicine and counseling.