About Natural Health Curaçao

We all would like to have a strong functioning body, a resilient spirit and a life that we experience as meaningful. Fulfillment in our daily lives is important for every human being. I accompany you on the journey to your personal balance between body and mind. You are welcome to make an appointment for a consultation or check out the frequently asked questions section.


At the onset of an illness, the body tries to correct an imbalance that has come about over a period of time. Long before certain diagnoses are identified, this process has been causing (minor) symptoms and fatigue in the body. Often these symptoms are being managed with frequent use of petrochemical medication. Most often, these are foreign substances to the body and breaking down chemicals can put a heavy burden on the liver and immune system. Natural medicine tries to support the immune system, thereby making it strong enough to fight against pathogens naturally. That way the body can heal effectively. Restoring the balance in and between body and mind is the goal, so that being healthy is your natural condition again.