Giving personal nutritional advice, also known as nutritional medicine, plays a major role in this practice. As Hippocrates said, in 400 BC, ‘Let food be thy medicine’.

We often eat too much and nowadays too much processed food. Nutritional advice in this practice focuses on nutrition as nature intended. In addition, the nutritional advice is personal, so custom designed. Not everyone tolerates all nutrients. That is why it is important to coordinate well with each individual.

Some people have become so sensitive to certain nutrients that they feel worse by dairy or certain vegetables (think of nightshades), for example, that it’s better to avoid these foods (temporarily). If the body becomes stronger, by avoiding certain substances, it may be that certain foods can be better tolerated in the long term.

The recommendations are aimed at strengthening the immune system so that ultimately a greater diversity of foods can be tolerated.

Besides being trained in natural food advice, I am also trained in giving nutricional advice regarding illness. Persons with cardiovascular disease, persons who are underweight, persons that have diabetes, the elderly or people who are undergoing chemotherapy may all have different needs and limitations in their diet.


I can provide more information during a consultation.