Natural Health Curaçao and Homeopathy refrain from establishing medical diagnoses. Advice and treatment are based on knowledge of homeopathy and should be seen as complementary to the conventional medical procedures, treatments, advice and not replace them. Natural Health Curaçao will never claim to cure certain diseases or conditions. Natural Health Curaçao will never advise to stop or change medication or treatment recommended by a physician. This website has been compiled with the utmost care. Natural Health Curaçao, however, is not liable for any direct or indirect damage that could arise from the use of any information provided herein. The content of this site is intended solely as information. It is possible that references are made to third party websites; for the contents of these we can obviously not be held responsible. No part of this website may be used without permission for other websites. Copy right applies.

Permission requirement

Every start, continuation or termination of medical treatment requires the client's permission. The therapist is required by law to provide the client with enough information to make deliberate decisions. In case of non-invasive treatment your doctor or therapist may consider your permission granted by default.

Your privacy

To ensure proper treatment it is necessary for me as your therapist to file your progress. Creating such a file is a legal requirement, imposed upon me by the Medical Treatment Agreement Act. Your file will contain notes about your health and information about the performed procedures and treatments. These notes are mandatory for the course of your treatment and may consist in part of information I, after asking for your permission, requested with your insurer.

The ways that we value and respect your privacy include:

  • Carefully handling your personal and medical files
  • Ensuring that only authorized personnel can access your file
  • Encrypting data traffic to and from our website
  • Periodically changing passwords to our online tools
  • As your therapist, I am the only one with access to your file. I am, by law, bound by therapist-patient confidentiality. At your request, all electronically stored information can be destroyed. The data from your file may also be used for the following;

  • To inform other health care providers, for example when treatment is completed or you are being referred to a different doctor or therapist. This only happens with your explicit permission.
  • To monitor your progress in my absence
  • Annonimised use during inter-professional review
  • Some of the information from your file will be used for financial administration purposes, so that my accountant can prepare an invoice. Should I require your information for other purposes, then I will always inform your first and explicitly request your permission. Our financial system does not save medical information. It stores financial information though, as we are required to keep record of those for seven years. My accountant is the only one who has access to these files for financial checkups.

    Consent in minors

    With minors aged between 12 and 16 permission is required from both the child and the parent(s). Treatment of children younger than 12 only requires the parents' permission. If the parents are divorced, either both parents or one parent with parental authority has to grant their permission, regardless of how old the child is. If one parent does not have parental authority, they are still entitled to general information from and about the therapist or doctor.

    For more information, consult the The Medical Treatment Agreement Act.


    Terms and Conditions Practice Natural Health Curaçao

    The undersigned hereby declares to have understood and accepted the following:

  • Non-regular treatments are performed in this practice. Non-regular treatment methods are methods of treatment that fall within this description.
  • Non-regular treatment methods can in practice Natural Health Curaçao relate to the anamnesis, physical examination and additional examination. This is offered or performed more extensively than in standard general practice. It also covers different types of therapy that are not standard practice in general practice or in the hospital.
  • The efficacy of the non-regular treatment methods has been documented in a large number of studies, however the degree of efficacy differs per clinical case. Because the efficacy varies for the various syndromes, the treatments are not used in mainstream medicine. For the application of these treatments in the hospital (ie in the regular trajectory) it is necessary that several well-controlled studies have been performed.
  • The non-regular treatment methods should be seen as an addition to regular treatment methods and not as a replacement. Before this treatment process is started, the regular treatment process must first be started or completed. If this is not the case, the therapist of practice Natural Health Curaçao can deviate from this, provided this is substantiated and registered. You will be informed about the nature, duration, effectiveness and (side) effects of a treatment. If it concerns non-regular treatment methods, this distinction is clearly communicated to you and regular alternatives are also discussed with you.
  • You are always alerted to possible health risks by using or postponing regular or non-regular treatment methods.

    The therapist of Natural Health Curaçao practice does not offer treatment methods that can cause harm to the patient. Harm means:

  • Direct physical damage.
  • Advising against methods of diagnosis and treatment that are generally accepted in mainstream medicine.
  • Denying or disproving regularly established medical findings concerning the patient (such as a regular diagnosis).
  • Offering false hopes for a cure or improvement of the complaints.
  • Giving incorrect or incomplete information about the efficacy of a treatment.
  • After discussing the prognosis, the therapist will discuss with you: reason and effect of the non-regular therapy, side effects and duration of therapy. Since this is an non-regular treatment method, we will also discuss with you: regular alternatives to the therapy (which are offered in the hospital, for example), the advantages and disadvantages of the non-regular treatment compared to the regular treatment.
  • At the start of treatment, any risks and side effects will be discussed with you.
  • You can always refuse or discontinue the treatments at any time.
  • Your file will contain a careful record of facts and considerations regarding the therapy used.
  • Financial consequences of using treatment will be discussed with you.
  • The treatments offered are reimbursed by health insurance. You should always check this with the insurer yourself for confirmation. Treatments in Practice Natural Health Cuaçao are paid on the spot by cash or by PIN by the patient. In the case of long distance consultations via video calling, the amount must be paid 14 days after the last consultation. If the invoice is not paid, the treatment stops.
  • Liability is at most the amount of the consultation costs.
  • To cancel or change the appointment, you must contact our administration at least 24 hours before the consultation, otherwise the consultation costs of one hour will be charged to you.
  • Payment is cash only, with debit card (no credit card) and afterwards via e-banking.

    I hereby declare that the above general terms and conditions have been read and understood by me. By signing I accept the conditions.

    Practice Natural Health Curaçao, Kaya Jan Thiel 28, Curaçao. www.naturalhealthcuracao.com