Finding the root cause

Here at Natural Health Curaçao we listen to your whole story and make an inventory of the symptoms that impede your well-being. You know your body and you know what you feel better than anyone else. That is the starting point in determining what can be done for you.

Chronic complaints

Disease may have a chronic nature but that does't mean there can be no improvement. Whether you have to endure cardiovascular diseases, allergies, fertility problems, hyperactivity in children, weight problems, hypothyroidism, joint pains, bowel disorders, burn out or depression: 'man is not his disease, man is the totality of body, mind and spirit and the balance between them.'

Are you chronically ill?

Often, it's the chronic conditions that impair everyday functioning in such a way that quality of life is seriously disrupted. Conventional medicine cannot always heal chronic ailments and research often focuses on the symptoms only. When no conclusive results have come out of the tests or treatments that have been carried out, then it is sometimes said that you have to learn to live with it. This need not always be so, for homeopathy offers sufficient opportunities to improve health and quality of life.