Welcome to Natural Health Curaçao

NHC is an integrated natural health clinic. Integrative medicine bridges the gap between conventional medicine and complementary treatments, where I strive to combine the best of both worlds. I work with a holistic approach, which addresses every factor that influences your well-being in order to improve your health. Body, mind and spirit are closely connected and therefore integrated within your health.

Trust your own body

Healing is a complex matter, not only medication and physical human cells are involved in this process but also non-physical issues like trusting your body's healing capacity and other mental aspects. This way of looking at healing and health is often the opposite of conventional medicine.

There's a great demand for natural ways of healing as petrochemical treatments don't very often offer lasting results in patients with chronic ailments. In recent years, more and more research into natural medicine has been done. Therefore more evidence based natural treatments are available and that is good news. Natural Health Amsterdam keeps up to date with the latest developments in this field and prescribes evidence-based natural remedies where possible.

In addition to the extensive intake, a scan and the body are used as a diagnostic instrument. Much can be seen in posture, abdomen shape, skin tone, connective tissue structure and the feet. Furthermore, an examination takes place through iridology.

Natural therapy is a very broad profession. The overlap with developmental psychology, psychotherapy, botanics, science, Jungian psychology and many other theories is so vast that naturopathy has become more widely recognized. This means the possibilities of growth are endless, both for the practitioner and the client.

Is your treatment covered by your health insurance?

Consultations rates do not come out of your deductible amount from your policy and you don't need a referral from your family doctor or specialist. I am a certified therapist affiliated with the professional organization NWP.
  • Thank you for your help; it gave me clarity and hope. I appreciate it.

  • Natasja takes a holistic approach to mind/body wellness and is so great at making clients feel comfortable and in a safe space. Her advice is practical and profound, and I have learned so much from her!

  • I am better with my overall health. My stomach started to respond to the treatment plan I received from you. My digestion is more balanced. My cramps have diminished and the bloated belly is also gone. Since 2 weeks I took those natural pills based on algae and after those pills, I really started to come back to my ‘normal’ life. So actually I am much better than when we met.

  • Thank you Natasja for all the wonderful tips!

  • My son has had no problems with his tummy anymore since we changed his food. He really couldn’t digest any cow milk but the alternatives are no problem. Fingers crossed.

  • The scan is really amazing. Thanks so much for the treatment advice, I get on with it!


The scan is really amazing. Thanks so much for the treatment advice, I get on with it!